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    Meet our Dogs

GCH CH U-CD U-SHR Kistryl Happy Together CD BN RN JH WCX CGC(PJ) co-owned with Hal and Pam Ronin
GCH CH Kistryl Captain America SH WCX (Yankee)
Kistryl Cloak & Dagger From Liberty SH WC(Spy)

CH Miss Mallorys Other Than Black CDX TDX JH RE SWA SCE SIE WCX RATI RATM (Otter)
CH Kistryl Lightening Strikes Twice NA NAJ(Zap) co-owned with Becky Wilsey-Brewer
CH Kistryl Y'All By Bertschire JH WC (Y'All) co-owned with Charla Carlsen
CH Kistryl Wyndswept Waiting For Superman (Ting) - co-owned with Lisa Riley
CH Kistryl Pilgrim's Feast (Plymouth) - co-owned with Christine Teneralli
CH Flatterhaft Sweetwoods Park JH WC (Wonka) - co-owned with Becky Wilsey-Brewer
CH Kistryl Shining In The Darkness AX AXJ NF (Dharma) - co-owned with Dawn McGuire
CH Diamond Beauty Rock On Fire (Dazzle) - co-owned with Andrea Holsinger & Kass Goulding
GCH CH Kistryl Telltail Fandango JH WC(Fanny)
CH Kistryl Twice As Nice JH (Twix) - co-owned with Cynthia King
CH U-CH SC SI SV Grousemoor Wintersong CD BN SWE SHDE(Carly) - co-owned with Kate Barton
CH Wingmaster Raisin' Cain at Kistryl SH WCX(Raisin)

Kistryl Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows(Raine) co-owned with Roni Szeliga
Gucci Amyflatt(Gucci) co-owned with Holly Pisano
Kistryl Maker's Mark JH WC(Whisky) co-owned with Chris Van Byssum
Kistryl Ocean Aged At Victory JH TKN CGC WC(Spirit) co-owned with Judy Gladson & Tracey Fudge
Kistryl Jim Beam's Devil Went Down To Georgia(Gamble) co-owned with Terri Seeley and Andrea Holsinger
Kistryl Bewere Lupin(Moony) co-owned with Becky Brewer
Kistryl Fireside Coming Around Again(Echo) co-owned with Michael Musick
Kistryl US Olympic Rowing (Crew)
Standard Longhaired Dachshunds

GCH CH Artic Sun Ring Around Rosey SCN SIN (Rosey)
GCH CH Kistryl Rosy Rosette (Ribbon) SIN