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CH Kistryl Y'All By Bertschire JH WC
Date of Birth: 2/8/2013 AKC #: SR77454901
Breeder: Andrea Holsinger & Kass Goulding & Cheryl Kistner & Marilyn Wilcox
Color: Black Sex: F
Owner: Cheryl Kistner & Marilyn Wilcox

CH Kistryl Y'All By Bertschire JH WC
Special Accomplishments:

  • 2nd place in puppy sweeps and reg classes at Portland Specialty. JH leg too
  • 3rd place in working bitch class at the 2015 St Louis National Specialty
  • 2nd place in working bitch class at the 2016 CA National Specialty
  • Yall is now living with Charla Carlsen

  • Traits:
    Y'all is a collaboration between Bertschire and Kistryl kennels from a litter of 10 puppies.

    Attitude & Trainability:
    Good attitude, eager to learn. Can be a bit reactive.

    Loves to retrieve. Easily got her JH and WC.

    Y'all is a nice bitch with very good type. Excellent head and expression. Looks like she could NEVER do anything naughty but she can. Good balance front and rear. Slight kink to tail and can hold it up while moving.

    Orthopedic Foundation for Animals
    Hips: FR-5577E24F-VPI
    Elbows: FR-EL2532F24-VPI
    Patellas: FR-PA2255/24F/P-VPI
    Eyes: FR-EYE333/24F-VPI
    Cardiac: FR-CA335/13F/C-VPI

    Sire Date Result Theme Litter
    Itzawhat's All In 8/7/2015 6F, 5M, all black, 1 female died at 2 days Retro Video Games Litter N
    Breedon Bertie From Casblaidd 10/3/2016 2F All black Two Litter P
    Whitland The London Trader 9/30/2017 2M 1F All black female pts as no eyes Canada Litter Q

    Click Here for the PDF version of Pedigree