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CH Flatterhaft Sweetwoods Park JH WC
Date of Birth: 5/22/2015 AKC #: SR89578801
Breeder: Anneli Karlsson
Color: Liver Sex: F
Owner: Becky Wilsey-Brewer & Cheryl Kistner

CH Flatterhaft Sweetwoods Park JH WC
Special Accomplishments:

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  • Traits:
    Wonka is a lovely dog imported from Flatterhaft Kennel in Sweden.

    Attitude & Trainability:
    Very outgoing and friendly. Tail always wagging.Good retriever. Soft mouth and quiet.

    Pretty head, nice angles, pretty outline, beautiful breed type. Nice dark liver color

    Wonka is a healthy girl with good clearances and slightly affected gonio

    Health Links:
    Orthopedic Foundation for Animals
    Hips: FR-5940G24F-VPI
    Elbows: FR-EL2859F24-VPI
    Patellas: FR-PA2574/24F/P-VPI
    Eyes: FR-EYE777/24F-VPI Gonio 25% affected
    Cardiac: n/a

    Sire Date Result Theme Litter
    Kistryl Tempest 4/14/2018 1F, 7M, 1 F liver, 3 M liver 4 M black Candy Litter T

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